Leaving all behind once again.

Wore my pyjamas. Wore my blue round neck t-shirt. Wore my leather slippers. Never combed my hair anyways. Picked up the keys. Stepped out of the door and what the hell am I looking at! Three men standing in the front lawn with a chain saw in one’s hand and three trees fallen down. Took me a moment to grasp the scene. What is really happening here. Is this a dream. Have I really not woken up. I rubbed my eyes with the back of my palm and looked again. No, nothing was wrong with my eyes. I was awake and standing there and looking at all that. Everything seemed real now. Three men. The chain saw running. The three trees on the ground. Then I looked at the men’s faces. One of them was my landlord, wearing the same brown sneakers, dark green t-shirt, no hair on his head, all hair on his football face. His yellow scooter was parked just outside the main gate. Another man had black goggles, a muffler around his neck, white pyjamas, The third man, well, he was standing behind some bushes. I could see only his ass and his half face and I didn’t recognize him. I looked at my landlord. My landlord looked at me. ‘Hello, Mr Tomic! No work today?’ ‘No, sir. No work until Tuesday,’ I replied. ‘Oh great. Great. Everything alright?’ ‘Yeah, pretty much. Thank you,’ I replied and then I walked to the main gate and unlocked. I really wasn’t interested in knowing about what was happening in my front lawn. I reversed my motorcycle, turned on the ignition. The sweet thumping of the engine was back in the air, and it shook me back to life at once. I put my motorcycle in gear and drove off, leaving the main gate open, leaving all the confusion behind.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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