Took them 30 long hours.

An hour ago, sunset had splattered orange all over the sky. Half an hour later, the winds gained pace. Orange receded to the horizon. Above were just bluish grey clouds waiting to burst. Went downstairs, opened a bag of wafers, brought upstairs to the roof and sat. I had to pick up the chair; the winds blew it down to a far end. I sat and munched on the wafers and examined the ominous sky. In an hour everything will get flooded, I thought. The next moment, electricity came back. Wow. Everybody all around was WOW. People shouting, like they hadn’t seen electricity in months. It was only yesterday at around 1 noon when something blew up and it caused a major power outage in the whole area. I got up, went downstairs, turned on few lights, my laptop, turned on my fridge, brought down my chair from the roof ( I got only one! ), placed it in my bedroom next to my desk, and finally sat. I sat for few minutes and then I remembered I hadn’t coffee since yesterday. I got up at once, put some coffee on the heater, when I heard pitter-patter on the tin shed of the roof. It had started raining.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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