Back to misery land.

Got home. Unlocked the door. Stepped inside. It was fucking dirty. Why wouldn’t it be. I had been away for quite long. The virus had fucked me up. But now, I am fine. Almost fine, I would say. Cleaned my bedroom and that’s all I could manage to clean. It was all so fucking dirty, I felt like changing my home again. There was no electricity. GREAT! And no drinking water. BRAVO! And certainly nothing much to eat. Got naked. Put a bucket of water to heat. It was freezing cold. Soon, it started raining. I realized that I had left open all the windows. By the time I reached the main hall, water was gushing inside through the window. Cold, pure rainwater straight from the grey dark hell above. I ran to the window, shut it, and moved back. There was soil all over my skin. A thick layer of it. It proved to be a long journey and somewhat tiring.

I was looking for a chair to sit down when I remembered that I had left both the chairs on the roof. I forgot to bring them inside before I had left home. I ran upstairs, opened the iron door to the roof, found the chairs upside down, blown away several times by the winds, washed dirty by the rainwater. Their arms had turned black from dirt. Their color had gone away back to the sunlight. I brought one chair downstairs with me, took it to the bathroom, washed it with water, then kept it outside to dry. I also noticed that the electricity was back. In ten minutes the chair was looking clean and fresh, only without color. It looked as if the meat had left its bone, but the bone was shining and looking good enough, and one could think about sitting on it. In ten more minutes, the water had heated sufficiently. I lifted the bucket, took it back to the bathroom, mixed some cold water, had a quick bath using minimum soap and a drop of face wash gel, came out wearing a towel, sprayed a lot of deodorant on my skin everywhere, and waited for my skin to dry.

Outside, it had stopped raining, the cool winds were swaying the leaves and tress in my garden. I noticed that a few trees had broken down. I had no energy to look further into the matter. The trees laid down on the floor like brown skeletons. I started feeling sleepy. I wore a fresh pair of underwear, and then I walked to my chair, sat in it, turned on my laptop. I desired a hot cup of black coffee as I began munching chocolate cookies. I straightened my backbone and began typing.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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