It started with something else.

I really haven’t given much thought to my vision. I feel drained, as if all the water in me has vaporized. It hurts to even piss. But I am still alive. It’s a little hazy before my eyes but I can still figure out the outlines of things and people. As time passes, a mouse grows into a dinosaur, a mountain crumbles to mud, a peacock eats a car, a bus chases a fly, you breathe in my neck, I open your legs and feel you with my fingers and we are in heaven again and all that unwanted hell falls behind. I smell my own skin, imagining your mouth, your hands, your whole body. My throat is dry again. My legs are lifeless. Now is the time. And now it’s too late. Too late. I turn my head towards a dull pale sunset. Somewhere not far away, they keep drilling holes into the wall for nothing. It’s all too loud. I think about walking out of here. I walk out.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All right reserved.

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