We are making love again.

The buzzing electric saw caught my senses. I was sitting by the window, as usual. The curtains were closed. Nothing much outside to look at during the day. Also, it was just too hot. So hot, the sunlight would roast your skin immediately. I pushed aside the curtain to look outside. Who is that motherfucker running an electric saw at this hour? Hasn’t he got anything else to do? Why is he carrying out his bullshit here? Who is he? Let’s look out of the window and try to find out. Where is that motherfucker? Let’s look a little further. The fucker is nowhere to be seen. Why am I having an erection right now? Oh it’s you. It’s you, spreading your legs in my thoughts, kissing my tongue, kissing my cock, driving me mad. It’s you and I am growing for you. I forgot about the electric saw.

I took a shower and then we made love again. The electric saw was gone. Now, there was a hammer falling on a nail and it kept falling as we kissed and I climbed on top of you and licked your neck and ate your lips and we ate each other and at one time, the hammering outside stopped – at what time I couldn’t tell.

It’s evening and I am walking with a bulge in my shorts. We are making love again and my cock is leaking under your panties. Your ass in my lap, my hands inside your dress, your mouth inside mine and my tongue touching yours and we are kissing and kissing and hugging and kissing and hugging and hugging and kissing and kissing and there’s no end and I am wet and full of you.

It’s night. You are back to reading Orwell. I am thinking about you, about all the kissing and all the hugging. I am thinking about everything. You read a little and then we are kissing again.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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