Just taking a walk

A mother running with her girl on the dry evening grass. Two lovers busy in their cellphones. I look around, click a few pictures and stamp them on the ass of this blue world. A signboard says dogs are not allowed. Thank god! And then I see a man with a dog walking through that signboard. He won’t be fined. It’s just a signboard. Nobody looks at it. I guess I am the first one to look at it. I look somewhere else. A man standing in the balcony of a flat under construction. What’s he doing there? And then another question comes to my mind. What am I doing here? I am just taking a walk. I was born only yesterday. I do a few pushups – 10 in all. I bend my legs at the knees as I listen to some jazz vibrations. I walk another step, take another breath.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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