On my second book of poetry.

The first draft is almost finished. It’s been two days. I haven’t stepped out except to have lunch. The days are getting hotter and hotter. No place to hide really. It’s night now. The temperature has suddenly dropped. Hyenas are crying, dogs are barking, men are sleeping. I close my eyes and try to remember a few incidents to write them down. I am sitting on the roof and it would have been quiet here and I could have remembered something were these wild dogs stopped barking. But if you go out at this hour and try to teach them some manners, they would bite off your leg or something and send you home crying. No doctor at this hour would care about your wounds. Anyways, the first draft is finishing soon. That’s all for now. Have a good time!

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7 thoughts on “On my second book of poetry.

  1. Yay! I was just thinking of books and of your book the other day (I loved it’s style) and it’s awesome to know you’re finishing another one, and still inspiring with your awesome process pieces too. Rock on, Tomic.

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  2. I’m just starting on writing poetry(I write fiction mostly). Your words are captivating. What is your best advice for someone just attempting the craft. Thank you.

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    1. Hey! Thank you for stopping by! I would say poetry is the result of experiences – big and small. Before I started writing, I used to read a lot of different poets and writers, the voices of some of whom really resonated with me. It helped me greatly in writing. Now, I try to write as much as possible, and after months of writing I manage to find some things worth putting in a book.

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      1. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom. That’s awesome that you were able to put enough together to actually have a book. I dabble at poetry but always feel shy. I think I’ll do what you did and go read more to feel it and see how it’s done. Thanks again. Happy Tuesday.

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