On my upcoming debut novel.

Crossed 7000 words in my first novel’s draft. I have wasted a lot of days by not writing enough. But then , what is enough? How much will be enough? How to define the word ‘enough’ when it comes to writing. I have no idea and I got no will to define it. Sometimes, writing happens a lot. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen a lot. I guess that’s it. That’s how I can put it.

Also, I renewed my wordpress account today. That means I have completed a year here with this website. It has been great! Met some really good writers. I thought all the good ones have died, I was convinced of it. But no, few are still out there doing a great work. I really thank you for it.

On my novel, I guess it would be genre-less. I write on life and I write as I live. I am not a great story teller but I can surely tell a hell lot of lies. I guess that’s what it would take to finish the first draft.

Wherever you are, have a good time!

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