In a day dream and whatever followed it.

I am asleep. Sleeping sideways. Were my eyes open I would be looking left. My heart is a boombox. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. In dream I went somewhere. In sleep I probably dreamed. I went to meet a man. I know him and I know all the others who performed in my dream. It’s strange how strangers never appeared in my dream. We were sitting around a table. We were talking about me. Ridiculous! I told a man, ‘Hey! You have grown fatter!’ He smiled and said, ‘Yeah, it’s the job. What to do.’ He didn’t ask me anything. Nobody did. I can’t remember anything else, only that everybody was wearing clothes, nobody naked. I had to go somewhere else but I guess I ended up there. A cup of tea doesn’t seem to be enough. My heart is going BOOM BOOM BOOM. Is it my end? I could open my eyes but I don’t. I wait for the end and then turn to my right, my eyes still closed. It’s some time past midday. There’s light outside but not a lot. It must be cloudy. It might even be raining. Why do I care. I have nowhere to go. I am sipping herbal syrup and slowly coming back to life. I check my pulse rate. I have worsened over the months. I went to meet the gentleman who is no more here. In dreams, things go faster and you are back to yourself before anyone even notices. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM I hear my heartbeat. A result of eating bad shit and excessive drinking. I take a bite off a dried toast and listen to slow beats and sip tea. My heart quietens as if it has stopped.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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