After a bottle.

All the bitterness I can feel at the bottom of this bottle. There is no way I could have reached the bottom directly. If I could have, I would have thought about it. The journey was a couple of hours long. By the end of it, I was quite alone. Quite alone. In my experience, light begins to fade. That is a lie and a fact. You might wonder how is that possible. I would say that it is possible and it is happening right now as I type these words for you. Another bottle won’t do much harm. All the harm is already done. It is a slow, never ending mending of these bleeding gaps. I am incorrigible, damaged beyond repair. I wish to hit the bottom and die there. One last sip before I jump into the heartless chasm.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

5 thoughts on “After a bottle.

  1. I went down, down
    through the darkness
    and eventually
    begged for a spot of light
    and suddenly everything
    started to get
    more bright
    and that was by the lamp
    of some random stranger
    who’d been to
    the bottom
    and was looking
    for others who kept

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      1. Tomic, you are so kind. Thank you for that. You’re a word wizard yourself. :)) 💙🌻💛🔆 I’ll be honest, sometimes your texts cause a worry in the mother in me, but I realize they might be fiction, and also I try to assume that as long as you are writing and sharing, you are well enough to survive. But I will also say that though the details are different, I have once been to a similar place as your narrator/main-character, and back… and I find the light up here, in spite of the world looking more clear, is rather swell. 🌤 (“One day at a time,” I started to climb that 12-step well. :))

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      2. Hey Lia! I would say that if I can make you feel worried, then I am doing a fine job at writing hahaha! I agree with you, it is a climbing up one step at a time. It can make one lose patience and focus but that is how it is going to be. Man can handle any situation, only he has to prepare for it. His light is never that far :))

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