Connection weakens. Sleep breaks due to some discomfort. I turn to the other side, knowing that it isn’t the cure. A word, a line can make you miserable. I long for an adventure, for something boundless. A physical road fails to take me far enough. Travelling infinite distance is not possible. Any star is untouchable. Joy begins to leave as humidity rises. The water tank fills up for another day’s consumption. A woman sweeps all the three floors of this building to kill her morning time. There is a form of dirt that doesn’t simply wash away. Sometimes it stays for days. It flies to a corner and even if you are looking around with your both eyes open, you cannot notice it. An hour and a half more before the misery resumes.

Copuright © Tomic Riter 2020. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Aimless.

      1. Wish you a wonderful day, my friend. I can relate to a lot of what I have read from you. It is great, spontaneous, original. I thank you for writing these words and sharing them. Keep writing and sharing 🙂 🙂

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