Poem number Fourteen was fun.

Almost halfway through the first round of editing my first book of poems. My nameless book of first poems. I have come to realise that editing is more than proper punctuation and correction of silly grammar errors. And I am glad that I have realised this through my own experience and not via a dumb guidance book. I thought that editing phase would be phase of frustration, of getting shit done quickly, anxiously. I guess that is a general perception on editing. I have found the editing phase to be quite interesting, immersive, much more immersive than the times of first drafting. It is like I am polluting my poems in my own way. I enjoy doing that. A windy evening is what it is right now. Soon the insects come to bite me. I hope they die on their way to me because the wind here is just too good for me to be anywhere else in this moment. I want to savour these winds while they are still blowing.

© Copyright 2020 Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Poem number Fourteen was fun.

  1. “It is like I am polluting my poems in my own way. I enjoy doing that.” I so get this!! So well said. Loved the whole part about the winds and the insects!! Very fun and exciting. The drama of editing, I used to call it… but you write it so well and so briefly. I wish, I wish, upon a star, to get me back to that kind of drama soon. :))

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