A little something this evening.

The sandstorm is back after a week. I started writing this at around 5:40 in the evening. It was a lovely day outside, so I spent the whole day roaming everywhere inside my home. I am happy with the sales I have made so far in the ongoing Free Promotion deal of my book Red Room Bar. I am glad people are reading it. I am glad that people are even considering to read it. I am a nobody. Because of this deal, I got to interact with so many people on Instagram. Some told me that they love my work, that they love to read what I write. I am glad to see that my words and sentences are reaching out there through my books. Nothing can bring me greater joy. I was close to crying yesterday. I feel like, for the first time in my life, I am actually doing something that I love. I am filled with a new energy.

I think I will doing more of these book deals from now on. And I will definitely be writing more than ever. I am still working on the Paperback version of my second poetry book. It should be available for purchase in two weeks.

The sandstorm has gathered pace now. Beyond a few hundred metres, I see nothing. There’s dust in my hair and on my forehead. It’s 7:30 in the evening now. No one is here. They all have run away or they are running away. Soon I will need a cup of coffee. Soon I will be making a warm cup of coffee for myself, and with it, I will be eating little something. This evening will be gone just like that.

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