Almost final

The manuscript of my book is almost ready to get published in kindle version. I do not want any more changes to it. It looks perfect as it is now. A small beginning to a never ending journey, I would say. My maiden book of poems. Thanks to the virus, unfortunately, I got the needed time to put it into good shape. I am drunk as hell and quite happy. If you find my work worthy of being read, I hope that you buy a copy and read it as and when you can. Thank you all for sticking around and reading my words. It already means a lot to a nobody like me.

© Copyright 2020 Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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– tomic riter

6 thoughts on “Almost final

  1. Lol. What a perfect post. I would definitely buy a copy. Your instagram is amazing btw. Followed you there via my bloom account. Very inspiring that you did it!!!!! Heartfelt congrats, Tomic. 🙏💛🎉🤟

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