Finally somewhere.

Managed to finish the first draft of my first book of poems. The final result, I guess, will take some time. More updates on the book in the coming weeks. Things are going good for now. The book is still untitled. Other than that, the days are going fine. Quite a lot of writing is happening these days. Less work at the workplace, which is really a blessing. The shops are slowly running out of stock. The very essential stuff is available though. I can live with that, maybe even without that. I am in dire need of a thing or two, but I guess the shops selling those things won’t be opening anytime soon. Yesternight was quite windy but tonight is just quiet. Cold and quiet. I guess that’s it. I better fuck off and eat something.

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9 thoughts on “Finally somewhere.

    1. Thanks Lia for reading and sharing you views. I appreciate that a lot. And do start with your book right away! It takes nothing to write a lot. Just write and write before anything else. I will be sharing more updates in the coming days.

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      1. Thanks Tomic. I have no problem with writing — if anything I write too much. It’s the figuring out how to organize it into a book that’s the hard part for me at the moment. Funny, could have done it for anyone else, but not myself it seems. ;)) I like to read the progress of another writer. So thanks again for your process posts. :))

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