Poetry e-book Dying in Living released on Amazon.

The winds are pulling my cheeks, slapping my face. I am watching the white patches of clouds dissect into smaller patches and disappear. Yesterday, my first e-book of poems, Dying in Living, got released on Amazon Kindle Store. It is now available for purchase worldwide.

Book Cover

Click here to visit my e-book page on Amazon.

I feel really glad about it. It is something for me. I want my words to reach as many people as possible. Once I have written a book, it has no purpose for me. Its work for me is done. It cannot remain with me. All I want is for it to knock on every reader’s face and scream into his ears. Time will let me know how things go from here.

I am already pretty excited to start working on my second book. This self publishing thing has been a great learning experience. I like how it works. I like to be in control of my own things.

That is all for now. I hope you are well wherever you are. I hope you do checkout my ebook page.

Thank you for being here.

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