How in no time

how in no time the clouds have turned blue the round bird has returned with its song the soil has drunk all the rain the trees have bowed but in whose honour? how in no time what didn't exist is now here, fully, shrounding my world into an uncanny coldness. © Copyright 2020 Tomic Riter. [...]

First poetry e-book DYING IN LIVING releasing on 6th June, 2020. Pre-order available except in India.

FIRST LOOK OF POETRY BOOK DYING IN LIVING Hello everyone! I am so so excited to announce that my first poetry E-book 'DYING IN LIVING' is releasing world on 6th June, 2020 on Amazon Kindle Store. The ebook is available now for pre-order in all the countries except in India. Click here to pre-order my [...]

Almost final

The manuscript of my book is almost ready to get published in kindle version. I do not want any more changes to it. It looks perfect as it is now. A small beginning to a never ending journey, I would say. My maiden book of poems. Thanks to the virus, unfortunately, I got the needed [...]

The needed push.

Started editing the first draft of my first books of poems. Still untitled. It is painful to read one's own poems again and again, but I like how they are growing, whichever ones can grow. That's the joyful part of it, the only joyful part of it. There's always more to add. I will go [...]