Fog, Me, You.

dense fog no world beyond hundred metre radius an hour into wakefulness, I still cannot think straight waiting for another fifteen minutes to pass maybe that will lift the fog in my head formed from long uninterrupted sleep it's strange how cold can sedate one into such a state twelve more minutes of waiting my [...]

Begin again.

late night done with all the red wine and half of dinner hopping from one song to the next craving for a smoke it's been a wet day it will be a wet week new addictions wait for me new destructions I lifted my one foot long ago I am still climbing that one step [...]

Late one evening.

thought I got rid of the pain it's back again and it's back late in the evening when almost all is done and I am about to retire to my corner, the frigid corner of my home Johnny Cash sings Highwayman from his grave the charm lives on, the melody melodious than ever and you [...]

An evening and Kafka.

Cold evening. Early return from work. Nothing to do until tomorrow morning. I had this urge to read Kafka again, and so this evening, I began reading his diaries. Some music in background kept playing. It was slow music. Not classical though. It might have been blues. On the other side of street, one man [...]

An update.

Few more lines written in journal this evening. Now, time to take a break, smoke a cigarette, listen to piano music in the dissecting silence of this cold night. I wish I wore lesser and felt freer. Of course the act won't set me free, but better to feel that feeling before I am dead [...]

Before cleanliness.

the ache continues for the fourth day waiting for the ice to turn to water so I can pour a bucketful over my dirty head and begin my day a sunny day, that's two sunny days in succession sometimes, life can't be more rewarding savour the sunny days while they last the clouds can gather [...]

Fortunate anyways.

the fruits of time ripen before time begin to rot I am a witness of the decay each evening I return home devil has laid its hands on my appendix and my bladder, ripping them out there's blood on devil's hands and pain in my eyes and painkilling pills clenched between my teeth it's an [...]


sitting with all this pain listening to a bitch sing like a bird an evening wasted on drinks and food and conversations with the ones gone nothing lasts long enough nothing lasts nothing waiting to board my bus to somewhere anywhere away from all this a new life awaits me I keep it waiting. Copyright [...]