Two bad days.

One bad day is fine. But two bad days in a row makes it a disaster. Looking at how things are going this week, it's going to be an apocalypse by Saturday. But such is the nature of an apocalypse. Either it makes you do all the insane things you always wanted to do but [...]

Telling a story.

That's the thing. You tell a story. You don't show it. Unfortunately, a great many who write fail in that. It's important to arrest a reader's mind in all the ways possible. It's important to tickle his sense organs because that's what connects him with the outside world. The sense organs. The senses of touch, [...]

Whatever saves you.

I wished to share a piece that I had written earlier tonight. Instead, I am sharing this. I am sharing nothing. I think it's better for now that I share nothing, because what I'm going to share later might be the best ever written in this world. Well, that has always been my problem. I [...]

Milestone 2.0

Finished writing 200 pages of rough manuscript for my first work of prose. Coming out some time later this year or early next year. For now, learning the craft a little bit more. When it's about writing, there's nothing more important than to write and write and write and write. Come what may, you need [...]

Building my empire.

An empire isn't built in a day. We build it brick by brick. It takes time. It can even take decades and that's alright as long as we stay focused. I have always realised that persistence is the only key to meeting one's goals. We need to persist. We need to constantly be at it, [...]


'Where did you disappear last night?' she called at 11 this morning and asked. 'I just went out. It's nothing' I said. 'Are you okay? I feel worried about you' she asked. 'Yeah I'm good. I'm good. Good. Hey listen, I'll call you back in an hour. Bye,' I said. 'Sure. Bye,' she said and [...]


I am not meant to be caged. I learnt that shit about myself in childhood itself. I have always hated rules when it comes to expressing oneself creatively. That is why I hate the rejections that come in my way because I apparently didn't follow some stupid writing structure when creating a short story. The [...]

Modern problems.

Dabbling between Instagram, Twitter, and here. It's hard to keep up with all the spaces. Life was so good before social media, or one can say life was so good when I wasn't on social media. I used to put more time into myself and not just pointlessly scrolling up and down like a robot. [...]

Not again!

A quick one from my mobile. It’s a sunny morning. The crows are crowing again. People coming and leaving. A man of patience is hard to find. A man who embraces life, who knows what life is and is not, will naturally become patient with time. Sometimes one doesn’t realise when solitude turns to isolation. [...]