For you.

first light of morning how uninspiring wish I dug you up with my lips then with my teeth and finally licked you clean with my tongue instead, I turn to the other side, pull blanket over my head, disappear. Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

Enters the evening.

enters the evening with a couple of old songs wind fills the vacuum as I wait for my place in the operation theatre I have learnt it the hard way I cannot control the passage of time nor can I have more of it sooner or later I'll be gone I share with the wretched [...]

The trick.

the trick is to leave the poem alone, make it an orphan by choice the trick is to treat a poem like an open wound left to rot on some maniac's thighs held captive in a abandoned asylum and finally, you come around to it after days, maybe weeks or months or just a minute [...]

Fortunate anyways.

the fruits of time ripen before time begin to rot I am a witness of the decay each evening I return home devil has laid its hands on my appendix and my bladder, ripping them out there's blood on devil's hands and pain in my eyes and painkilling pills clenched between my teeth it's an [...]

Past nine.

waiting again the only task harder than waiting is to wait all over again it's like my life is jumping from one wait to the next I am a patient animal wounded but patient nothing in my wounds is personal I am a vagabond caught in the crossfire minutes fly out of my wretched life [...]

After dark.

alone immersed in after-dark thoughts time flew like bullets putting in me a thousand holes my blood out of me, down the staircase down the drainpipes seeping out through the door right into the tree-roots, into the buried filth I see rot all around sitting without a hair on me what monster will I be [...]