'Where did you disappear last night?' she called at 11 this morning and asked. 'I just went out. It's nothing' I said. 'Are you okay? I feel worried about you' she asked. 'Yeah I'm good. I'm good. Good. Hey listen, I'll call you back in an hour. Bye,' I said. 'Sure. Bye,' she said and [...]

Past sleep.

A little rain makes the landscape greener. I look at the 20-feet tall pigeon sitting outside the glass window. It's eyeball emerald studded watches brainlessly. Am I registered as an enemy? I wish a door was provided for an escape. But now I have to sit here under eternal watch. Its wings almost metallic. I [...]

Riding back home.

I wanted to ride further on the road, but I decided to ride back home. On the way back, I found a vegetable seller lying dead under a sheet of cloth covered with fresh vegetables. He was lying on the left side of the road. I stopped there for a while. His boy was standing [...]

Travelling West.

Cattle-ranching was a thing of those days along with four or five more elements, and the topography was such that it pushed any man to the edge. He had to be as strong as he could be and if that did not happen then he was soon eliminated by fate or by the bullet of [...]