Copyright © Tomic Riter. twilight wind carries everywhere birdsongs trees are hanging from the sky penetrating these walls their roots rising from my fingertips I could have sipped all this dirty water that was clean before it fell down sometimes, traveling miles gives nothing other than vast green fields and no talks birdsongs die and [...]

With half eyes.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. The clouds seem unreachable, but are they? With this thought, I continue to look at them as they change colours and form and positions, as I change my own position and strive to become formless. I close my eyes, sometimes that enables me to listen to my own breath and feel [...]

Sitting outside.

when has this sky bled so beautifully as it is bleeding right now its blood was golden a while ago a few looked at it like I did now the blood has travelled beyond those mountains that I will never reach, not today. Copyright © Tomic Riter 2020 . All rights reserved.