Dire Straits playing.

Dire Straits playing. Walked downstairs with an empty can of beer. Sat in my chair. Dire Straits playing. All the booze gone. All the evening almost gone. Feels too hot in this t-shirt. An urge to remove it and sit naked under the fan and feel an erection. Looking at the empty beer can on [...]

Jazz, Paradox, Night.

Rubbing my eyes off cigarette smoke. Rubbing my chest. Thinking about an orange sky. Listening to Layla. Layla. Layla. That goddamn guitar riff opening my eyes for the first time this evening. It's nothing of an evening. Nothing much but it's there. Words do not matter and yet I write words all the time. This [...]

Blues, Coffee, Cigarettes, Lighters, Matchsticks.

Another one of those evenings with coffee, cigarettes, old school blues loud on my speakers. Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, B.B.King. Mustang Sally on repeat. What voices! What voices! And what lyrics! They throw you right away in the sweetest goddamn blues. You can't help but light another cigarette. And there's nothing like lighting a cigarette [...]

War music.

I closed my eyes to feel the symphony Handel was playing so beautifully like a war was coming and men were readying themselves to spill their blood and that of others there is something in music that pulls me to it those were war days unlike yesterday and today today, man cannot die with a [...]