Snake, Jazz, Cooking.

Woke up a little earlier than usual. The first thing I remember seeing is a snake, fat and long, black skin, slithering away to the far end of my garden. It was gone from my eyes in less than 20 seconds. Really sharp senses. A while later, I was wishing I caught it. I wanted to fry it with a little salt and oil. No pepper.

Noon is approaching on wobbly legs. I haven’t seen the snake again, but it’s there in my thoughts since morning. The sight of it slithering away so smoothly and without a sound. It’s something I hadn’t seen in quite a time. It’s unlike seeing clouds and birds and trees and dogs.

I have put on some jazz. I have moped the floor. I’ve gotten rid of all the garbage except the empty beer and wine bottles and beer cans and few empty wrappers of wafers. The clouds are gathering. I think they won’t rain much. Where I live, it hardly rains like a motherfucker. I am fine with it. I prefer clouds to rain. A little rain is fine. Too much spoils the mood, even if I’ve got nowhere to go.

The floor is almost dry. The pleasant lime fragrance of floor cleaner has filled my room. Today seems better than the rest of the year that went by.

Evening. The lime fragrance lingers on. Cooked and ate. The snake wasn’t seen again. I wonder where its home is. It rained a little in the afternoon. I was asleep almost all afternoon. Noon makes me lazy, dysfunctional. Power supply is erratic here when it rains or even when it’s cloudy. It’s fascinating how the sky changes from cloudy to clear to cloudy. It’s fascinating how the sky changes in that fashion almost every day.

Back in my chair for some reading. I have put on some lo-fi tunes. It’s a non-violent day. One of the very few non-violent days of my whole goddamn life. Often, I wish to be incarcerated. Today, I have got no such wish. Just music and cooking and reading, and occasionally the thoughts of that snake.

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2 thoughts on “Snake, Jazz, Cooking.

  1. “Today seems better than the rest of the year that went by.” – ouch for the past, hooray for the future!

    Where are you located that rain effects the power supply? It’s the same for me here in Thailand though infrastructure has gradually improved over the last couple of years.

    “Often, I wish to be incarcerated.” – I like this. For me, I often that I am incarcerated – even in places of freedom – we are stuck wherever we are. And, like your sentences implies – that can be ok.

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    1. Hey man. Appreciate your thoughts here. Yeah, rain tends to do that sometimes. Loss of power supply sucks, especially at night. It’s going fine these days though. Glad to know things are imroving there too.

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