A little something before I fall again.

Who really cares about writing in the afternoon! Afternoon is a dead time. The most dead part of the day. Afternoon sucks. But for some reason, the tree leaves appear greenest in the afternoon. Slap me if I am wrong. Pull out all my teeth. But I will say that again. My legs are still aching. Yesterday morning, I walked more than I should have. But I couldn’t help it. The weather was so good. I couldn’t help but walk more than usual. I remember waking up today morning with cramps in my right leg. All the muscles there were aching and it felt like they totally dried. I felt like screaming. But soon I fell asleep again and I didn’t scream. Believe me, I didn’t. I just drank some water and fell down on my pillow. I finally woke up much later and it took me some time to realize that I had completely failed in hearing the alarm ring. God woke me up. And why wouldn’t he. He loves to fuck up my day. Any day. He woke me up only to throw me into the giant money thresher. I am just a pawn. Worse, I am an intelligent pawn. He would make sure I get sucked up before I fall dead. There’s no rest for me. No break. No mercy. Salvation doesn’t seem like a feasible option. I sometimes wonder if I would die of a simple heart attack, or it would be something more dramatic, something more time taking. My eyes are getting heavy again. I hate to cough. I am sitting almost naked in my chair and watching the greenest tree leaves ever created, the yellow of the sunlight falling through the window on my pillow. Now the yellow is gone. Must be the clouds gathering above. Yeah. Everything is beginning to slow down under the monotonous humming of the ceiling fan. I am slowing down. I stop.

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7 thoughts on “A little something before I fall again.

    1. Thanks a lot man for taking time out to read, Really appreciate it. Yeah I love Bukowski. I connect to his writings immediately. Straight raw and brutal. I like to keep it that way.


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