Ramblings on my vision Part one.

I might share a little more tonight, or I might not. Who really gives a damn? It’s time I start working towards my vision. My vision. What is it? I have never written it down. I only have a vague idea. It’s there in my mind since long, suspended like a thick haze, dead but there like a virus, standing tall like a wall. I could never break through that wall, otherwise I would have seen the other side and I would have accomplished writing down something about what hung there. It’s time I break that wall and look beyond. I think it’s time. It’s time I concentrate on that wall until it melts down. It’s time I blow that wall with dynamite. It’s time I take a step forward. I have a vision and it’s mine and it’s not going to die. I will not let it die. But why am I writing all this? Maybe I want someone to read all this one day and feel a connection to my idea. But really, what is that idea? Maybe I will arrive at its more concrete form soon. I think I will, and when I do, I will write it in bold golden letters and I will read it out loud every day and I will make it come alive. I will make it come alive. And then one day, I will die.

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