How much could I take.

last night I drank too much
mixed beer and wine
and I drank from midnight
till morning nine
I thought if anything was real
or that all was fake
and really, how much could I take

I went to the sea
and drowned myself there
the sea picked me up
and spat me out and said
‘You can’t die here,’
I crawled out of there
and sat at the shore
and thought of nothing more
but something is there
in the waves that break
and they got me thinking
because really, how much could I take

got myself a harmonica
but I never play
whether it’s frozen November
or burning May
got myself a piano
when I was a kid
which soon my mother hid
got myself a mountain
and at it’s foot, a big big lake
because I had to see
how much could I take.

Copyright Β© Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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